Why try to do in house painting when you can have a professional company take all that stress away?
A & C Property Services specializes in vacant apartment painting with the same colors or new ones. We are experienced with smoke and fire units and will apply the correct primer before painting. Quick turnovers and frequent schedule changes are what we are used to. 

Drywall repairs will be done to your specs if needed. We know how to keep costs low and provide a quality job. Sinks, bath and floors will be paint free when we finish.

Carpet Cleaning
We use hot water extraction method and have portable units for hi-rise work. Rotary brush shampoo is available for commercial carpets.

Strip & Wax Floors
Refinishing VCT floors is affordable. Floor waxing will protect and make them look new again. Full strip & wax will take all layers off to the bare tile for heavily worn floors and requires at least 2 coats of finish. Scrub & recoat is done when minor scuffs are the only problem and is a less expensive option usually requiring 1 coat of finish. High speed buffing is available for that extra shine.